Detroit Junk Car

9 Signs Your Car Is a Detroit Junk Car

Detroit junk car

Your car may not be in great shape. But even if it’s old or has a lot of miles on it, you might believe that car is worth something. Unfortunately, your opinion of your vehicle can be very different than the opinion of a salesperson at a car dealership, or a potential buyer on craigslist. How can you know for sure if your car is a junk car?

Here are just nine signs your car is a junk car in Detroit:

1. It would cost more to repair the car than it’s worth.

Beyond gas and regular maintenance, you should not be putting a ton of money into repairing your car if it is a reliable, worthwhile ride.

2. The car doesn’t run.

If your car doesn’t run at all, it’s a junk car. Even with engine repairs, the car is on its last legs. You will want to look for places in Detroit to junk a car.

3. There is a lot of body damage.

More than $1,000 in body damage means a big chunk of change going toward a car that’s been badly banged up. Paying such an amount for repairs usually isn’t worth it for a car that has been wrecked or vandalized in the Detroit area.

4. It is a salvage title vehicle.

A salvage title shows that a car has been in an auto accident and completely totaled or extremely damaged. It can be almost impossible to sell a car that has officially been given a salvage title.

5. The car has over 150,000 miles.

You might be proud of an old car that’s run for thousands of miles and many years without needing an engine or transmission replacement. Without repairs like this in the life of the car, it’s safe to say that problems are just around the corner.

6. It looks like a Detroit junk car.

The car has rust, broken door locks, torn seats, broken seatbelts, windows that don’t go down. Rust alone, once it reaches the undercarriage, will destroy your car.

7. The car has a low safety rating.

No airbags? No anti-lock brakes? No latches for car seats? Modern safety standards are high – and that’s a good thing. If your car doesn’t meet the minimum in safety requirements, it’s a junker.

8. You don’t feel safe driving the car.

If you know without question that your car poses a risk to you, your passengers, and other people on the road, there is no question you should look for places in Detroit to junk a car.

9. No one will buy the junk car!
When you try to get rid of your clunker

but have no takers, you have three options: let it collect dust, donate it, or make some money off your junk car.

Earn Money by Recycling Your Junk Car
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