How Has the Recycling Business Changed?

Much like any other business the recycling business has started slow and taken off. Things are much more advanced now. It is no longer just the regular paper or plastic. Science has proven that trashing anything electronic cord or battery powered has been effect our plant and its ecosystem. In an effort to save what is left of the planets resources recycling companies have stepped up their game. GLR (Great Lakes Recycling) for example went from paper and plastic to electronics. With the addition of the electronics department GLR’s advancement in the recycling game has proven to be an exceptional one.

Placing your cell phone or computer in the hands of someone else seems like an uneasy task. With the unsettling feeling that your personal information is at risk of being stolen you will be happy to know that business in this field take great care of what they are doing. All personal information is erased without question and devices are broken down soon after. If keeping your toxic devices out of landfills by recycling isn’t the easiest way to save the planet I don’t know what is.