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GLR is Michigan’s leader in the collection and processing of secondary fiber materials. Every year we partner with thousands of professionals, businesses, and mills to recycle tons and tons of paper materials.

Our paper recycling solutions serve clients in a vast array of industries, including printing and mailing centers, manufacturing facilities, healthcare organizations, non-profit groups, education and other public municipalities, retail and commercial businesses, and many more.

GLR takes pride in providing superior customer service for commercial accounts and walk-in paper customers. We are proud to process paper recyclables using our automated baling and sorting equipment to ensure materials are efficiently prepared for shipment to customers in the secondary paper fiber markets.

GLR paper recycling centers also feature numerous sort stations for high-grade mixed papers. We accept a variety of grades of paper, including commercial sheet fed and web based printer paper, newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, ledger grades, DLK cuttings, newsblank, rolls, soft, hard, and coated books.

GLR is pleased to offer clients drop-off and pick-up services from a dependable, dedicated transportation team. Our transportation services also include access to an array of trailers, roll-off containers and smaller, portable containers allow for customization to meet your specific commercial needs.

Our experienced, knowledgeable GLR Paper Team can perform onsite material evaluations utilizing ongoing training processes to ensure accuracy in identifying and grading paper materials per industry standards. GLR also specializes in designing convenient, efficient recycling programs to maximize your paper recycling revenue for all facets of your organization. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your specific paper recycling needs!

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Paper Recycling

Did you know that recycling one ton of newspaper conserves enough energy to heat a typical North American home for 6 months? That’s why GLR is an avid proponent for the recycling of post-consumer products.

With over 40% of landfill contributions being attributed to un-recycled paper products, a need exists in every community to provide recycling solutions that are open to the public. That’s where GLR’s commitment to community is derived from.

We strive to bridge the gap between recycling and consumer access with our premier GLR paper recycling facilities. Our facilities and affiliates accept a variety of grades of paper, including newspaper, magazines, junk mail, computer paper, catalogs, and soft or hard cover books.

Our paper recycling facility features a full service center with convenient public drop-off hours, and friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to assist and direct you through the recycling process. Likewise, each GLR recycling facility services our customers in a clean and safe environment.

At GLR, great pride is taken in treating every customer like “family”. GLR is committed to environmental stewardship and to providing the highest standard of service to our customers and our community. Let’s work together to make tomorrow a “greener” place!

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