Turn an Unlicensed Junkyard Into Cash: Recycle Your Junk Cars

recycle your junk carsIn Northfield County, MI, there is a field covered in parked cars. A miniature second-coming of the Woodstock Music Festival? Nope. It’s the home of 74-year-old Ron Dauzet’s 200+ junk cars. Alas, a township ordinance bans the storage of unregistered motor vehicles outdoors. Dauzet has been forced to sell off his collection. Could he have rented some large garages and kept his car collection intact? Maybe. Could you do the same for your junk car collection? Sure. But a collection like this is worth plenty for the owner who wants to turn their junk cars into cash.

Are Your Junk Cars a Health Hazard?

A car enthusiast who has been buying cars of all makes and models since he was age 21, Dauzet is now faced with an incredibly stressful challenge: He must sell off 20 cars per month per township decree. Dauzet has been struggling seven days a week to keep up with the required quota, trying to sell nearly one car per day to avoid violating the township ordinance that protects against blight and other environmental issues.

Unlicensed cars may not be stored outdoors, even if they’re housed out of sight and on your own property, like Dauzet’s are. And the fact that car enthusiast Dauzet has an eclectic collection of mostly European cars that others might find valuable doesn’t matter. His Michigan township wants to protect the community from an area that is in danger of becoming “overgrown with weeds, littered with rubbish, and infested with rodents and insects.” Threats of endangerment, spread of disease, fire hazards, and other safety issues interfere with public health.

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The Consequences of Too Many Junk Cars

Maybe you or someone in your family is handy with cars. Maybe you keep old rides around to use for spare parts, or believe that you will one day find the time to repair these vehicles. Most of Dauzet’s massive collection consists of non-running cars – trying to sell an inoperable car is twice as daunting as selling a used car in excellent condition on your own.

If Dauzet can’t meet the court-ordered quota, the township could seize all his cars – and with them the opportunity for Dauzet to make money from selling his junk cars. The judgment concerning Dauzet’s responsibility does not make exceptions – even if he has trouble finding buyers, getting buyers to follow-through, obtaining vehicle titles, or accessing the vehicles.

In other words: Sell the junk cars or lose them and the income they could provide.

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What to Do with Inoperable Vehicles
If you have your own collection of inoperable vehicles on your property – or even if you have only one vehicle you need to get rid of – you can make the decision now to dispose of the cars on your own terms. Dauzet is being forced to follow a court order or face the consequences. And, unfortunately, the task he has been given is very personal. Dauzet does not consider his gathering of cars at a junkyard. These fields of vehicles are a rag-tag family of carefully acquired vehicles.

Dauzet has sold some junk cars, but he is paying a scrapyard to pick up the vehicles. Don’t take less than what your cars are worth. And don’t pay to have your cars hauled away. Great Lakes Recycling is the highest-paying junk car buyer in southeast Michigan. Our recycling facilities are located throughout the state and we operate on a “green” level to minimize waste production. We come to you, we pay you, we take your car off your hands for free.

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